Later Models with Noise: Buick Riviera (and Century, for reasons)

Its that time of the week again, the glorious time where I stop writing my thesis proposal (don't tell my PI) and start writing about big cars too new to be old and too old to be new. There's been some talk about Buick lately, and I have to say, not all of it has been great. I love Buick, and that love isn't just for… » 3/28/14 6:48pm 3/28/14 6:48pm

Halp Jalops

Hey guys. You may remember me bitching complaining about my car Here but it seems to have come to a head. The little bastard is nickel and diming me to death and with 100k ticking over the clock soon (my mechanic and I think its been altered actually), this former fleet car, farm car, and my loyal city/commuter/farm… » 9/18/13 7:26pm 9/18/13 7:26pm